Are You a Writer Without a Contract?

By Rohi Shetty

Contracts are legally binding documents that ensure you give the clients what they deserve and your clients give you what you deserve. A contract is also proof that your clients have agreed to your terms. You set the terms and they agree, though all the terms are negotiable. :-)

However, though it’s important, most freelance writers have probably never sent a contract to their clients. They might feel intimidated by the very idea of drafting and sending a contract. Or they might feel that drafting a contract requires legal knowledge.

Fortunately, creating contracts is easier than you think. Here’s all the information and tools you need to draft your first contract:

What makes a contract valid?

Every contract has two basic elements:

All parties are in agreement (an offer has been made by one party and accepted by the other). Something of value has been

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Run for your life!

How do you fight for your life when abducted by a killer squad who grab you to kill you for blood money? In Nigeria, they are known as ‘ritual killers.’ They prowl the highways of cities and settlements of rural communities, in search of victims to kidnap and take to their dens to slaughter and use their blood to make rituals for big money and power.
They are agents of men and women of power and influence, gangsters, drug pushers, politicians, dubious businessmen, and those who want to ‘get rich quick’ They work for the ‘high and mighty’ in the society who use the blood of citizens and supernatural means to power their business and quest for positions in high places. Such victims are declared missing and are never seen again by their relatives and loved ones.

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Are You a Writer Without an Online Portfolio?

By Rohi Shetty

If you want to be a successful freelance writer you need to do three things consistently:

Write, including the phases of planning, writing the first draft, revision, and completing the work. Publish, including not only posting on your own blog but also guest-posting and publication in other publications and websites in exchange for payment. Market, including actively pitching editors, websites and small businesses and creating and updating an online portfolio.

If you are like most freelance writers, you tend to neglect marketing or consider it to be spammy or slimy. However, marketing your work and services is crucial if you want to be successful. You need to constantly implement creative ways to make your prospective clients aware of your skills and services.

Here are 12 essential steps to set up your online freelance portfolio:


Your specialization depends on your education, your work experience, your expertise and your interests.

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The Boxing Champ – Billy (Frogman) Bash


WOW! Benny (The Rabbit) Punch shot out of his corner like a bullet, his fists flailing like the sails of a windmill.

The crowd went mad. It was the night of the big fight, with the reigning Paperweight Boxing Champion, Benny (The Rabbit) Punch matched against the young contender, Billy (Frogman) Bash who, according to Tex Crowshoot, the sports columnist with the Daily Mess was “a force to be reckoned with”

Benny! Benny! Benny!’ roared Benny’s supporters.

Billy (Frogman) Bash – called “Frogman” because of his fancy footwork in the ring . . . Billy (Frogman) Bash just stood his ground, looking daggers at his opponent.

Oh, pernch heem in ze kee-ser, Bill-ee!’ squealed Billy’s French girlfriend, Fifi, watching the bout from a ringside seat.

‘Sure thing, Fifi,’ said Billy, swinging round with a powerful left hook that Benny (The Rabbit) Punch ducked away from before hitting Billy with the old 1-2-3-4 he was famous

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15 Habits of Writers Who Are Mentally Tough

15 Habits of Writers Who Are Mentally Tough
by Aneeta Sundararaj

Earlier this year, I read an article by Travis Bradberry ( where he sets out 15 habits that mentally tough people should have. I analysed the same 15 habits, but applied them to the writing/publishing industry. Here’s what I came up with:

They’re emotionally intelligent

From what I understand, EQ is a person’s ability to accurately identify his emotions. This includes being aware of, controlling and expressing those emotions. In ‘Why the best writers have the most Emotional Intelligence’ ( the two points that jumped out at me were these:

Successful writers are not cocky. Instead, they have a realistic understanding of their own self-worth. Their ability to put themselves in the shoes of others makes them exquisitely sensitive to the needs of their readers.


They’re confident

I’ve observed that confident writers have the following in common:

They don’t

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Insightful Wheels

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could join Martin on this assignment? A food tasting for the Ramadhan Buffett at a swanky restaurant in town.

That was the thought sent to the universe and, thereafter, forgotten. Lo and behold, a few days later, Martin sent an invitation. I jumped at the chance and said yes.

The day is now here. I make my way to KLCC and meet up with Martin. He introduces me to two lovely ladies. Let’s just call them D and P for now for I don’t know if they’d like to be identified. Anyway, once pleasantries are exchanged, we make our way to Chakri Palace for what promises to be an evening of deliciousness.

The Marketing Manager greets us at the entrance of the restaurant. I must admit that I dare not look into the eyes of the other seated patrons. I can feel their hunger as they wait

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Are You a Writer Who Doesn’t Plan?

By Rohi Shetty

“A plan is a dream with a deadline.” ~Napoleon Hill

Do you intend to make a living off your writing and quit your day job? Then you need to think of yourself not only as a professional writer but also as a creative entrepreneur.

What’s the first step in transforming your freelance writing efforts into a business?

A business plan.

Most writers either don’t have a business plan in place or spend too much time creating an elaborate business plan, which is neither practicable nor actionable.

Your first business plan should be short and easy to implement. And most important, it should be flexible, so that you can adapt it to changes in your circumstances, interests, or goals.

Here’s the template for a basic business plan that you can complete within 30 minutes. Don’t procrastinate on this. Schedule 30 minutes today, set your timer, and fill in this template.

Even if you have a business

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