How to Find Time to Write—Six Steps to Success

by Rohi Shetty

“Change is inevitable; progress is not.
Pain is inevitable; suffering is not.”
~The Buddha

The main reason why you don’t write regularly is because you don’t have enough time, right? Right! Work, family, social obligations, TV, random web surfing…

(uh-huh, maybe best not to mention TV and random web surfing).

You do have enough time to write. Time is NOT the problem.

Try this powerful six-step writing productivity system:

1. Track how you spend your time for a week

Download the Weekly Tracking Chart:

Weekly Tracking Chart (printable PDF format)

Weekly Tracking Chart (editable doc format)

Weekly Tracking Chart (editable RTF format)

Track what you are doing every 30 minutes for the next seven days.

(30 minutes is just right—60 minutes is too long and 15 minutes may be too anal.

Though if you want to track yourself every 15 minutes, go for it.)

You can choose to print out the Weekly Tracking Chart and do

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How to Get Rid of Procrastination Permanently

By Rohi Shetty

“Perfectionism and Procrastination lead to Paralysis!” ~Roy Sorrels

The three top obstacles that are responsible for writer’s block are:

Perfectionism Fear of failure Procrastination

Perfectionism leads to fear of failure and that in turn leads to procrastination.

The good news is that Peter Shallard, aka the shrink for entrepreneurs has devised a system called the Five Pillars of Productivity to destroy procrastination once and for all.

The Five Pillars of Productivity are (drum roll, please):

Specificity Measurement Accountability Deadlines Play

1. Specificity

The most effective way to set daily writing goals is to ask yourself a single question:

“What can I do today, entirely on my own, in this day and this day alone?”

This question helps you to set goals that are neither too fuzzy nor too detailed.

Ask yourself this one question every day. Then take action on your answer.

For example, you can set yourself the goal to write 500 words daily.

2. Measurement:

Measurement and recording of simple daily

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How to read Kindle books without buying a Kindle

By Rohi Shetty


Over the past few weeks, several of my friends told me that they were disappointed that my e-books were available only as Kindle books. They said they didn’t have a Kindle so they couldn’t read my e-books. Fortunately, they are mistaken.

One of the biggest advantages of publishing on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program is that you can read Kindle books not only on Kindle but also on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

To do this, you have to download free Kindle reading apps for each device. The full list of Kindle reading apps is here:

These Kindle apps give you access to over two million Kindle books in the Kindle Store, including new releases and best sellers. In addition, you can read thousands of free books including classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island

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Stop the Plane Crash

Planes of international airlines crash; grief and sorrow for victims’ families

Last count about 3 in 2014, 1st & 2nd qtr, rubbishing aviation safety measures

Again and again, air planes crash or disappear in Ocean; what’s happening to air travel?

No one is sure of causes…Technical fault? War? Global Politics?  Or Spiritual?

Every airline is agitated. Whose turn next?


Calling on governments and aviation authorities to up standards and safety measures

Round the clock, airplanes fly, carrying passengers and cargo

Arrive alive to meet loved ones; air travelers demand this

Safety is not negotiable, so should plane crashes

Hey, no more crashes, air travelers want safety


(24 September 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media

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Spirit of Glasgow 2014 Games

Glasgow sparkled with Commonwealth Games. Did your country participate?

Lagos-London, New Delhi-Jo’Borg; athletes of  Commonwealth nations displayed skills

Around the world, millions of eyes watched for emerging champions and stars.

She did it. Blessing Okagbare. Nigeria’s sprint queen…Gold medals in 100m and 200m

Gold and Silver medals were hauled by athletes. So was bronze. Britain and Australia top medals table

On the tracks, on the pitch; they ran, jumped, fell, tumbled, threw, in Commonwealth spirit

Who are the Commonwealth countries? Those formerly colonized by Britain


Games bring them together every 4 years, in unity, and sporting spirit

Again, were doping scandals and other flaws. Need to check this in future games

Men and women compete; break records; set new standards; get global recognition

Every athlete should compete at global level to match best practices

So did Team Nigeria @ Glasgow 2014, 8th position on medals table, Presidential reception at Abuja


(10 September 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand

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Lessons of Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup

B for Brazil. How is the mighty fallen in soccer

Remember, no champion for ever. Champions fall, new ones emerge

A king can be dethroned, even in his palace

Zebra crossings don’t exist in soccer pitch. Players in motion only stopped by referee or hard tackle

In 64 matches, 32 nations scored 171 goals…Average 2.5 goals per match

Look at spectators; 3.5 million went to stadia to watch matches


Wanted by FIFA…8 stadia; Brazil provided 12

Other figures…170 Yellow Cards; 10 Red Cards

Round the world, millions watched. Brazil-Germany match recorded highest number of tweets in history

Low moments of World Cup… The bite by the player, S—-Z. FIFA reacts with ban and fine. Fans of host nation cry out against hard times. First in World Cup history

Do something new. Goal line technology debuts in Brazil 2014. Empowers referees


Cost of Brazil 2014…More than US $ 12 billion…Citizens not happy

Under the heat and carbon emissions, soccer artistry was displayed. Stars

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When the Drum Major Died by Anjuelle Floyd

When the Drum Major Died
By Anjuelle Floyd
File Size: 868 KB
Print Length: 402 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1938070011
Publisher: NOJ Publications (January 25, 2014)
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Romance.

A fascinating story.

When I started reading this book, the first thoughts which came into my mind were that, it’s amazing how ignorant one can be, about events which happened in your own lifetime. Being a British child at the time these events were taking place, somehow they slipped into a hole between the history I was taught at school, from ancient up to and including WWII, and the recent history which I remember as an adult.

The main character in the story Florina, is a young colored woman who has married Dr Richmond Austin, and moved to his home town Poinsettia, in the South of America. Her new in-laws are very

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Stop Ebola Virus!

Ebola virus disease is deadly, ravaging West Africa. No cure yet, hundreds killed

Bring back the dead, people say. Virus is spreading, claiming more lives

On the African continent, the people cry out for solution

Lagos to Monrovia; Freetown to Conakry; the fear of Ebola is rising

Around the world, leaders and governments respond to Ebola challenge

(13 August 2014)

Eric Okeke is a CSR specialist and strategist in brand marketing and mobilizing support for corporate and social issues. He is the brand storyteller, writer, speaker, author and media consultant, with training in chemistry, marketing and business journalism. As a business writer and speaker, he has recorded a good career in media consulting and journalism which he started at The Guardian, Lagos.

Eric’s communications niche is storytelling which he is now using to empower professionals and improve business returns in Nigeria. Email him at,, Tel +234 803 301 4609; +234 817 301 4609.

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