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Writers. Storytellers.
We writers are storytellers. We tell our stories through many mediums – movies, songs, and yes, books. Many, many years ago, all the villagers would gather around the community fire were storytellers like us would talk of heroes and brave journeys, talking animals and flying fairies. Through our stories we entertain and we teach. With the power of our words, we take everyone along with us on the flight of imagination and soar high in the magical skies of possibility.

Primitive man painted his stories on cave walls. The Pharaoh’s scribes carved their thoughts onto clay tablets and pyramid walls. People copied books by hand so that the stories could reach a wider audience. Authors furiously scribbled with quills and paper, and printed books reached a mass appeal. Today many writers spend their time furiously typing away on their computers, and sending query letters to publishers.

Storytelling Now
The world hasn’t changed all that much. Just the outer order has manifested into something different, something new, and something very exciting.

Today’s village is spread out all over the world. And the community fires are lit every hour of every day. A world wide web of information and imagination connects all of us, enabling us to share and talk, helping us to reach out and connect.

Naturally, we writers have to migrate to that web, and spin our tales and weave our imaginations around these new community fires. We have to be where we can reach out to our audience, and gather them to fly with us on our fanciful and imaginative journeys through our stories.

We have to build our own community fires, and call the audience to us – to read, to listen, to hear our stories as we spin our tales and weave our magic. These community fires are lit across the Internet, on websites and blogs. The audience still thirsts for tales of joy and sorrow, of adventure and magic, and of real courage in the face of difficult trials.

In fact, the Internet is the perfect place for writers wanting to share their stories and tales. I still remember the thrill of excitement that ran through me when I first saw what the Internet had to offer. So much information is just out there for me! I had thought. And yes, all I had to do was search for it on Yahoo! (Google wasn’t launched yet!), and I could easily find it. It was all so unbelievably amazing. All those years, and the excitement still hasn’t managed to wear off.

What I hadn’t realized all those years ago was that somewhere at the other end of the web was a writer who was writing it all down for someone like me. And yes, one day, I would end up like him / her. 🙂

If you are a writer, and you want to reach out to more and more people, if you want to be found and discovered, if you want people to explore your writing, and if you want to share your stories, then you must light your own fire and build a community.

The best way to do that is to have a web presence – make a website or a blog – and cultivate that web presence.

And it isn’t all that difficult to do so, either!

So, are you up for the challenge?

(25 July 2012)

Madhavi spends her time writing web content and helping people make websites. She regularly blogs and shares her thoughts about web writing and WordPress. She also explores her ardent fascination with myths and symbols via the Tarot cards on her blog

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