Benny Banger’s Anger Toy


Benny Banger was no stranger to anger
He had a very special anger-toy
That he just loved to use with everyone he met
And even those in his house
He would awaken ready to start his fights
He fought with his Mom
He fought with his Dad
And he most certainly loved fighting with his little brother, Happy Banger.

One day, Benny decided he was going to walk up and down his street
To see how many fights he might have
His anger-toy was his pride and joy
Because everyone he met was afraid of his new “toy”
He searched and searched for someone
He could use his anger-toy on
But strangely, no one could be found

All the children in the neighborhood went to the fair
For it was fall, you see, and the fair was the most popular place to be
He yelled in anger at his Mom and Dad
“Why can’t I go to the fair?”
But they said nothing
He yelled again with greater force
But still no answer came back
He yelled until he almost lost his voice

Finally, his Mom went over to him and smoothed his hair
And she took him into her arms and gently said
“Benny Banger, your anger is known far and wide,
And we have been suffering while watching you fight with anyone and everyone
We suffer because you are so lonely and know that you are really afraid
We love you and want the very best for you and your brother, Happy
Just once, could you try to enjoy yourself
Here, start with your brother Happy and play the fun game
And see how it feels to play with Happy and the fun game

Benny was so tired from yelling
That he could not fight or yell at his mother anymore
He didn’t have the energy to use his anger-toy
He secretly liked being held and talked to so gently
He had never allowed that before now
And so he thought that he would try to play the fun game with Happy.
As he climbed down from his mother’s lap, he walked over to his brother
And asked if he wanted to play the fun game
Happy so enjoyed playing games that he did not hesitate to say “yes, I will”
And the two played and played and played

And then a strange thing happened.
Benny noticed that he wasn’t feeling his anger-toy anymore
In fact, the most amazing part was that he didn’t miss it
Instead he enjoyed playing with his little brother and found a new way to feel
His anger-toy would have gotten in the way of playing the fun game
It was replaced by a lot of laughter and giggling as the fun game played on
And when they were through, his Dad said “Boys, how would you like to go to the fair?”
And of course they both jumped up and down with joy

And so they did … and there was even more and more laughter and giggling
As they went to the animal barn and the chicken coup and the merry-go-round
And they played the dart game and the water balloon burst atop Benny’s head
The other children who were afraid of Benny’s anger-toy could not help but notice
How different he seemed this day at the fair
And some of them went on rides with him and they laughed and giggled with glee
As they were thrown around on the bumper cars and jumped on the inflatable cushion

This was a good day
This was a new day for Benny Banger
From this day forward, he never had to use his anger-toy again
Because he had something in its place
It was a sense of joy and happiness
That he could share with others
Instead of having to work so hard while using his anger-toy
Yes, it was a good, new day for Benny Banger.’

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at

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