February … the Month of Love


Back in the mid-80’s I was fortunate enough to attend one of the last conferences conducted by a very well known therapist, author and motivational speaker by the name of VirginiaSatir. Although battling cancer which took her life a few months later, her unequivocal energy and spirit was astounding. Her message was simple and direct: Love is the basis for all mental health!

She began by lecturing about her topic and in the second half of her presentation, she brought a family onstage whom she had never met before and who were experiencing significant problems and performed therapy. She moved this family from dissention and animosity toward a realization of what they really felt for one another much like a surgeon exorcising what is unhealthy in order to promote healthiness. Everyone in the audience was mesmerized including yours truly. Clearly, it was an hypnotic experience. It was an amazing process that unfolded in that after an hour-or-so, the outcome belied the problem-infested image that the family presented early on. Family members who hadn’t talked for an extended period of time were made to face each other and express their “true feelings” which had been hidden out of fear of rejection and pride. I couldn’t take notes because I was afraid of missing something important. The process that I witnessed, though, somehow imbedded itself in my unconscious mind to the extent that I was able to combine her tenets with my own style to help clients with their unique problem areas upon my return to my office. The result was very beneficial for the client and very satisfying for me to experience.

And so, during this month of February, the month where love is celebrated, I bring to you, my readers, an awareness of the extreme importance of love in all of our lives and relationships. Experiencing that 24/7 is much more worthy of celebration than just the beautiful and thoughtful gift we give to those whom we love on the 15th of the month. The gift of love not only heals but endures to maintain a healthy outlook which affects our personal, business and social lives. The positive influence that it brings creates an aura that enables problem-solving as well as the enjoyment that life brings. It isn’t a panacea but it is an ever constant and useful tool that enriches us and those with whom we interact on a daily basis. It is in this vein that I wish you all the experience of love.

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at www.charlesmbonasera.com.

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