Living In An Age of Suspicion (Do we have a choice?)


It might be said that at this juncture of our living on this planet that we are relegated to living in an age of suspicion. It is characterized by a myriad of changes most of which might be considered negative and threatening. These are drastic changes … corruption and failures of government, our financial institutions, the global market, abortion, energy, our nation’s mores, rampant violence, an ever-constant sense of threatened security both nationally and within our own homes and families and the constant media threats that the future is just as bleak. No wonder that a sense of paranoia has gripped our Nation as well as our global neighbors who are becoming increasingly alarmed at our motives throughout the world. It seems that we are now being labeled “The Evil Empire” along with other nations whose reputations also sustain that label.

The hope of salvation and redemption was seen in the faces of those attending the presidential conventions. We are looking not just for a sense of relief but a sense of a change of venue and direction so that our Country might once again be righted. The speeches, the tears, the joy, the enthusiasm …the mandate that change take place are the common theme of both parties with oppositional pundits decrying ability either party to stand behind its words. Only time will tell. Can a new seating of the presidency promise that we can “pull the phoenix out of the fire?” I don’t know nor can anyone else to whom I have spoken nor do any of my readings offer that assurance.  So where do we look? If not the institutions or those who make them up … if not the will of the people to turn things around… if not the saving graces of changing what is wrong can offer assurance there seems to be only one avenue left …OURSELVES! It would seem that rather than looking beyond our own lives to a higher source of reassurance or remedy that “the buck stops here!” It is our minds that can ultimately govern those thoughts and feelings of suspicion as well as the havoc that they incur in our lives. In effect we have a choice. The choice is to succumb to the suspiciousness that tends to embrace our lives or take hold and begin to think in a manner that is more constructive and proactive. Remembering that our mind belongs to us and not to outside elements that threaten negativity is not an easy task. No question but that it is very difficult not to fall prey to the naysayers and pundits … all of whom describe a different and dire outcome as well as different and drastic solutions. Not to say that they are all wrong but keep in mind that these are all “last ditch efforts” to deal with chaotic circumstances and chaos doesn’t necessarily allow order to be accomplished. Also, remember that it is YOU that is being affected in your daily living routine.

Your thinking affects your personal life, relationships, businesses and families. When beset with fears, anxieties and negativity, it is very difficult to conduct life in a meaningful and positive manner. Somehow those feelings need to be quelled in order to take control and do what only we as an individual can do. And then, as groups of individuals are able to be of a similar ilk so that the process becomes more universal, there is a “turnaround factor” that takes place forming the basis upon which positive, creative and effective solutions can be found. It is clear throughout our Country’s history that when changes are made during dire times, the thinking of both the implementers as well as the recipients must be open and receptive. That atmosphere, it seems to me, can only come from within us all … in each and every one of us.

I am reminded of a rally that took place some while ago in a large football stadium filled for a religious event. In order to demonstrate the “power of one” each member of the huge crowd was given one candle. There was only one individual who had a light for their own candle. All of the lights were turned off, the candle was lit and that candle lit others on either side, in back and in front and the lighting procession went on until the whole stadium was illuminated. To some that may sound hokey but the fact remains that change can and does occur as individuals determine and implement it. YOU ARE THE POWER THAT CAN LIGHT THAT CHANGE!

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at

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