It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


Many years ago while on a camping trip with my family and my wife’s family, we were resting after a long day of outdoor activities. We fished, scavenged the forest for firewood, hiked, collected natural species by a stream and played horseshoes. I know that I was tired and I believe everyone else was as well. I remember sitting by the campfire after the children went to take their rest and talking about various in sundry topics that might come up in the course of having a well-deserved break from our long day of physical activities. The topic came up about the state of the world’s affairs and the intense anger, rage and violence that seemed to prevail at that time. I was young and imbued with my professional introduction to “what makes people tick” but I kept silent for much of the conversation until the very end. My father-in-law was incensed with the political scene being the culprit in explaining the problems that existed. My brother-in-law was chiming in with his “blaming views” on the fact that other countries were taking advantage of the generosity of the USA and I just sat there silently taking it all in.

When they seemed to have exhausted their theoretical expressions,
I saw my opportunity to come into the (“fray”) conversation. I started by talking about the fact that people really don’t know how to deal with their anger resulting in its reaching the point of rage and violence. The threat of nuclear bombs and riots filled the media … little different from what is happening now. My view held every country accountable including the USA. I also so the possibility … perhaps in our lifetimes …for the creation of a world government as a result of the threat of World War III with annihilation being the end result. They both scoffed at me indicating that would never happen and the conversation ended abruptly.

It is now many years later and although the threats have been ratcheted up quite a bit, the conditions pretty much remain the same. Interestingly, though, I recently read an article that was advocating a world government in order to avert catastrophe given the Iranian and North Korean threats. What is happening?! What’s at the root of all of this mayhem? Well, in my opinion it’s the slant that anger takes in our “modern” world. Anger is rampant. Congressmen, athletes, parents and even children are espousing the kind of anger that is filled with venom instead of an attempt at resolving whatever the differences are that lie at its roots. This morning’s news brought into focus the killings of a mother and her five children with the husband/father being “a person of interest.”

I don’t know if the anger to which I refer can be capped or not. However, it is clear that unless and until anger can be expressed appropriately in its original form instead of moving into the final stages that earmark violence and destructiveness, little can be done. Would a World Government curb the anger? At this point in my life, I’m not sure of that either. But I am sure of one thing ~ that because goodness and reason and love still have a place in our world, there may be … just maybe … a chance that something positive will occur. That someone will take the reins of political power and guide us into another … a different and healthier … place than we are in presently. I don’t know if I will be able to see such a turnaround but thankfully, my children and grandchildren might.

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