A Good Time to Examine Priorities


All of us have, in one way or another, been touched by the economic downturn and the financial crisis that it has caused. Many of us live in fear for our futures and expect the worst as a result. Reports show that there has been a dynamic rise in serious symptoms because of our plight. Symptoms such as insomnia, heart attacks, strokes, anxiety, depression and other life limiting medical and psychological problems have been noted since the inception of the downturn. The toll is becoming more serious than the problem that initiated it.

I would ask that you stop for a moment and examine your priorities before you fall prey to these difficult times. You need to ask yourself some very simple but important questions whose answers will help put you on a healthy track. Here are some of them:

  • Excluding money, what or who is the most important factor in your life?
  • Is your worry and obsessive thinking really accomplishing anything?
  • Are you neglecting other responsibilities in your life such as marriage, family, etc?
  • Are you doing anything to relief the stress that you are experiencing?
  • How important is your sense of loving and being loved in your life right now?
  • Are you feeling whole spiritually?
  • Do you feel out of control and how important is being in control to you in your life?
  • What are you doing to relax and enjoying what you have instead of focusing on what you “have not.”

Obviously, the answers to these questions demand that some changes may be necessary in order to keep on track. Remember that the KEY to leading a healthy life including the maintenance of your priorities is BALANCE. Balance is not a static function but rather it is a static one. There are always tendencies to go out of balance but being able to recognize that and finding ways to regain it is the trick.

And now, I’d like to share my secrets to a HAPPY, POSITIVE and ENJOYABLE LIFESTYLE. There are three and they are: 1) Always have something to look forward to; 2) Develop and maintain a SENSE OF HUMOR and 3) Bring as much love into your life as possible. I believe that practicing these will automatically bring balance into life.

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at www.charlesmbonasera.com.

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