The Mind Is a Great Tool


The human mind is a marvelous tool of which many are unaware or do not fully appreciate. In a sense, all of us have two minds: one is conscious and the other, unconscious. While the conscious mind thinks, the unconscious mind knows. More commonly, the reference is to the right and left sides of the brain. The right side’s function has to do with random thinking, intuition, bringing parts of a whole together, subjectivity and being able to perceive entire concepts. The left side, on the other hand, is concerned with logic, sequencing, rational thought, analysis, objectivity and the ability to look at various parts of a given task.

Try picturing thoughts and feelings going back and forth between the two sides while being influenced by each of these functions. Most people have a preference for using one side over the other. Very few are adept at using both modes of thought. Educational institutions tend to favor the development of the left side of the brain because of their emphasis on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy. Right-brained subjects, though, are focused on aesthetics, feelings and creativity. An example of bringing them together might be when learning theory in a chemistry classroom followed by going to the laboratory to prove or refute that theory. The balanced use of both sides would be a goal for those of us who enjoy being able to have the best of both worlds. There are training methods that can enhance that side which may be less emphasized but, again, there is usually a propensity for leaning to one side or the other.

Have you ever awakened just a few minutes before your alarm goes off? The reason for that is that we all have a built-in clock that can come into play whenever you need it. A great exercise is to do something that requires timing like cooking on the grill or waiting for something to cure like a powder-water mixture. Set your alarm for the amount of time indicated and try not to view it. You may be surprised at how accurate your sense of timing is.

Another ‘mind tool’ is how the mind works in order to change unwanted patterns in life. After identifying the pattern and, of course, having a desire to change it, the mind can consciously break down the components of the pattern and determine which of them to work on in order to begin the change process. Then, the person needs to consciously work on changing the various components in a slow but methodical fashion over time. As the changes are repeatedly practiced, the process shifts from making conscious attempts to becoming ingrained in the unconscious mind. Now, the new pattern replaces the old one and becomes automatic which completes the change process.

Moving into the area of sports, every successful competitive sport involves a need to focus or, ‘stay in the zone’. Once athletes are taught how to relax their minds and clear it of interfering thoughts and feelings, they can achieve entering and remaining in their zone. A method of clearing the mind is to imagine a chalkboard with incessant writing on it that needs to be erased, washed and dried in order to clean it completely.  Once the method is learned by taking enough time to complete it in a methodical fashion, the process can be replicated in a very short period of time.

The last mind function has to do with turning negatives into positives and envisioning the outcome. Choosing the game of golf would be a prime example of how this works. Once a golfer makes a bad shot, the tendency is to focus and re-focus on the mistake creating a negative mind-set. Instead, learning how to forget about the last shot and envisioning where you want the next shot to be placed is possible through the use of a short-term relaxation method. Training to achieve this is possible even for the most obsessive golfer should he or she truly want to change their negative pattern. Changing some technical difficulties while being aware of how the mind can achieve those changes is a proven capability for golfers and other athletes with proper training and practice.

In conclusion, there are many tools that make sure that the human mind is used effectively. Whether you choose to practice out of a sense of curiosity or have a specific goal to achieve, it is well worth the time and effort to learn how diverse the function of the human mind truly is.

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