Aries’ Child (March 21 – April 19)


ariesAries is the sign of the entrepreneur.  Think of those traits that make up a successful entrepreneur… they are bright and hard working, most comfortable working as a one man show, love to be the first to discover and present things to the world, and rarely allow others to dominate them.  Now imagine these traits in a child.  Your Aries child will most likely be energetic, innovative, and will have a deep desire to be #1 in life.  Aries children remind me of a cross between Leos and Capricorns.  They often have Leo’s need for the limelight and Capricorn’s workaholic nature.  Like Leos, Aries are fire signs and are therefore very dynamic personalities with no desire whatsoever to be bossed around.  While goats symbolize Capricorn, rams symbolize Aries.  Both are strong climbers and will butt heads with you when provoked.

Self-esteem is seldom ever a problem for the Aries children.  I think it was an Aries child who first said, “Look Ma, no hands!”  It is not that they are daredevils but that they are quite comfortable taking risks and they have the self-confidence to do so.  In general, Aries has the ability to set their own limits and will not do anything too crazy, so go ahead and cheer them on.  They do not really need anyone else’s belief in them in order to succeed, but they really do enjoy the praise.  It is not that they are egomaniacs but rather they just really love the positive attention and personal excitement that comes from having calculated a risk, taken that risk, and then finding that it all works out beautifully.  If the reverse is true and one of their gambles does not pay off, then they will be more then happy to pay the consequences.  Life’s systems of rewards and punishments are what make the game so much more interesting.

Do not be surprised to find that your Aries child is incredibly innovative with one-of-a-kind brilliant insights.  Whether they use it to build things, lead their friends on the playground, or to design a system for organizing their toys, you will know that your little Aries is quite clever and has no problem trying new things.  They may have plenty of ideas that do not work, but they do not usually get discouraged because new ideas come to them like breath comes to the rest of us.  They do not really have to try to come up with cool new concepts, they just inhale, exhale, and there is another idea worth looking into.

They can work alone or in groups to test and study the various applications of their ideas.  Aries children are quite capable of entertaining themselves when there are no friends around and they really do understand that Mom and Dad have work to do most days.  They are also very good at socializing and in general are rather easy to get along with.  They will occasionally try to take more then their fair share of credit for a team’s victory, but it is not like they do not acknowledge the team members’ contributions either.  You may want to keep an eye on their bragging though and just make sure that they are taught to give proper credit to everyone who deserves it.  They also need to be taught to remember that as great as it is to toot our own horn, there is a line that can be crossed when it becomes annoying to others.  It is not too difficult to teach them social skills because they do care for others and they care about what other people think of them.

As children, it can be hard for Aries to have an adult tell them ‘no’.  They have a clear view in their mind of how things need to be in order for their innovative ideas to work out according to plan.  This is the same reason that they are able to work alone as an entrepreneur on a project that they believe in.  You will have to teach them that there are valid reasons why you say ‘no’ and that you are not just being mean.  Teach them why the rules exist, why others will not always be able to follow their lead, and why it is in their best interest to make peace with the fact that not everyone is going to agree with them every single day about every single thing.

Your Aries child may come across as very independent and they might not appear to be very needy on an emotional level.  The truth is that it is very easy to hurt their feelings by not listening to them.  They need someone to bounce ideas off, a cheerleader, a guide, and it needs to be someone who really understands them and believes in them and in their ideas.

(Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow’s Edge)

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