Pisces’ Child (19 February – 20 March)


piscesIn general, Pisces is misunderstood and ends up as a loner.  They love people and have a deep desire to connect on a spiritual soul-to-soul level, but they end up protecting themselves behind walls for their own safety.  People think they are soft and wishy-washy but in reality, they are quite stubborn and from birth to grave, they remain true to themselves.  You can argue until you are blue in the face and you can even beat your Pisces child into submission, but the truth is that as soon as you are not looking they will go right back to what they were doing because it suits them.  You have to show them how to be true to themselves without angering everyone else.  They are not the only nonconformists in the zodiac, but they do not typically have the skills to make themselves understood by others and I am not so sure that they even care if people really understand them.

People will accuse your Pisces child of telling lies.  This comes from a number of different angles.  They have incredibly active imaginations and should all probably write wonderful fiction novels or movie screenplays.  They do not tell these far fetched stories to annoy the practical and responsible adults around them, but rather to entertain and to share their lovely visions of how life is in their minds.  John Lennon’s “Imagine” comes to mind.  The other reason that your Pisces child is likely to tell fibs is because they are so overly sensitive.  They themselves do not like to be yelled at or to feel the wrath of another so to protect themselves they simply change the truth to fit what probably should have been the truth if things had gone better.  They will tell you that your new haircut looks lovely when in reality you look terrible because they really do not want to hurt you.  If people understood that most of the things that appear to be outright lies are really the Pisces child’s way of protecting them from the harsh realities of life, it would be easier for everyone involved.  As parents, we have to teach our Pisces children that there is a time and a place for protecting others and there is a time when the truth is ultimately kinder.  If they continue complimenting bad haircuts, then how will the people ever learn to choose a more attractive hairdo?  Yes, that is an over simplification, but you get the idea.

Pisces children also need to learn not to over promise themselves.  By nature, the Pisces child loves everyone dearly and has an instinctual desire to help others.  Therefore, they go through life promising and volunteering everything to everyone.  Nobody can be all things to all people and time commitments soon get in the way of the Pisces’ ability to follow through on all of their offers to help others.  Ultimately the person on the other end only sees that the Pisces is always offering to help but rarely follows through with their promises.  This causes a lot of hard feelings and anger towards the Pisces who only meant well to begin with.  As parents, we need to teach our Pisces children why time management is important.  Teach them not to over commit themselves.  Again, it can be in the other person’s best interest to tell them ‘no’ you are not available to help, rather than to have them waiting and growing more angry that the Pisces never got around to fulfilling that promise.

Pisces children have a very kind and loving approach to others.  They do not want to hurt anyone or cause them any pain.  They often have a love for the softer more romantic side of life.  They can become physically ill when surrounded by harsh negative emotions.  A Pisces raised in a violent home would almost definitely become suicidal or find themselves turning to drugs and alcohol.  Pisces children more then any others need a home of peace and harmony where a bit of make-believe is accepted.  Do not be surprised to find your Pisces child is a natural poet, an artist, an actress, an avid reader or movie lover.  It is also quite possible that your Pisces will have a natural leaning towards spirituality with or without your teachings.

Do not be fooled by their crying and soft emotions, they are still very strong and tough individuals.  Pisces will endure all kinds of hardship and pain if they believe in the cause, but as soon as they decide that enough is enough, a Pisces will put their foot down.  They see the goodness and potential of humanity.  Teach your Pisces how to manage their time and when it is better to simply speak their truth and you will have empowered them with the tools to make their dreams of a beautiful world into a reality.

(Copyright 2004, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow’s Edge)

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