Faith and Destiny

Faith and Destiny

Destiny knew that she had a great calling to fulfill.  She had agreed to take on a spiritual assignment that would bring love and joy to her little corner of the world.  However, her inner critic was loud and persistent.  She did not believe that she was capable of accomplishing that which she was meant to do.  Even after years of spiritual lessons and tutoring from the angels themselves, she still did not believe in herself.  It wasn’t that she did not want to do it.  Her inner critic always convinced her that she wasn’t ready quite yet.  Years were passing by and she was still waiting to become worthy of her own special place in the world.

The angels have a way of making sure that we fulfill our promises to them, so they sent Faith to cheer Destiny on.  At first, Destiny hardly even noticed that Faith was present.  Faith would not be ignored.  She made a point of getting Destiny’s attention and she forced Destiny to take her seriously.  They soon became the best of friends.  Destiny had never had a friend to cheer her on the way that Faith did.  Faith found that Destiny was very good at pointing out which path before them was the divine path for the two of them.  So, with Faith’s undying belief and Destiny’s sense of direction, they traveled together focusing on healing each other’s old wounds and on how Destiny would fulfill her promise to the angels.  Faith had not been asked to make any commitments to the angels other then to support those who had made promises.

After a handful of years traveling through life with Faith, Destiny was finally ready to begin her spiritual mission.  With Faith cheering her on, she began making the formal plans and preparations.  She quit her ‘real job’ and went to work for the angels.  She began the task that had been assigned to her and fell flat on her face.  It hurt.  Faith helped to pick Destiny back up again and soothed her until she was ready to try it again.  Never at any time did Faith doubt that Destiny had what it would take to make this thing happen.  So Destiny dove again.  Yet again, she failed.  Again, Faith was there to keep her believing in herself when her inner critic was shouting out, “See, I told you that you’d fail!”  Just as Destiny was about to make her biggest and most dramatic attempt at fulfilling her promise to the angels, Faith suddenly disappeared from her life.  Destiny had made such a huge running start towards this third attempt that she couldn’t do anything but keep going if nothing else as a tribute to her love of Faith.  Destiny made it much further and farther that third time, but she still failed.  Without Faith there to pick her up again, she did not feel that there was any point in trying again.  She had failed Faith and she had not kept her promise to the angels.

As life’s dramas swallowed Destiny’s time and energy, she kept reflecting on what had happened.  Where was Faith when she so desperately needed her?  Why had Faith deserted her?  Would Faith ever come back?  Why had she failed at giving her gift to the world three times?  Why would the angels ask such a thing of her and spend all of those years training her if only to let her fall on her face over and over again?  What would she do with her life now that she was no longer working for the Angels?  Who would she become since she was not living out her own promises?  Would the angels ever forgive her?  Would she ever forgive herself for losing Faith?  Would she ever forgive herself for failing at her spiritual calling?  Who would fulfill her promises now that she was such a loser?

Slowly, Destiny began to miss being the kind of woman who accepts huge cosmic challenges.  She missed being the kind of woman that Faith could believe in.  She missed being the kind of person that angels would seek out when they needed assistance.  She missed being the essence of who she really was.  She came to see that even if she failed every single time for the rest of her life, there was no one else that she would rather be.  There really was no other path for her then the one that the angels had pointed her towards.  She found her own inner belief.  She healed her own wounds.  Destiny stood up again and began walking carefully down that path again.  This time, she would have to do it without Faith.  Nobody believed in her.  Nobody supported her.  Nobody really loved her.  It did not matter anymore because she believed in herself, she supported herself, and she had finally learned to love herself.

When Destiny took her fourth leap of faith and dove into her spiritual work, it began very very slowly but steadily.  This time, it began to work.  This time, she was not afraid.  This time she would not quit if she fell.  This time she would fly with her own wings not on someone else’s.  She still desperately ached for Faith’s companionship, but she did not require someone else’s belief in her anymore.  Faith would always be her favorite old friend no matter where she was and no matter if they ever saw each other again, but Destiny could walk tall and travel alone now.  Silly things like success and failure did not matter anymore, just living the life that she had promised to live.

Do not be afraid to walk alone.  Do not wait until others cheer for you.  Do not stop yourself because your support system has disintegrated.  The angels may not always help you the way that you want them to, but you also must remember that you would not be asked to do something spiritual and holy if they did not believe in you.

by Skye Thomas

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