Tweaking Your WordPress Website


The Journey So Far…

Over the past few articles, we’ve had a chance to go over the basics that will help you make your website on the Internet. We’ve chosen the website’s domain and hosting, as well as the content management system. We’ve also worked out what goes where – i.e. – the pages that you will be putting into your website, and the content for those pages. Then we’ve seen the basics of installing and setting up WordPress, an excellent CMS that you can use to create your website.

Now that you’ve seen these basics, and if you have your content ready, its just a matter of adding those pages to your website and getting it done.

The Journey Ahead…

Once you’ve taken these basic steps and added your pages to your website, you are now ready to begin tweaking your WordPress website.

Today, I am going to talk about the various ways you can indulge yourself in this process. It can be a great learning experience – you get to fidget with the website till you’ve gotten it to look and behave just the way you would want it to. This includes adding more functionality to your website, and changing the appearance of your website. And for that, you have to look at 2 things: WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are a great way to add a variety of functions to your WordPress website.

Say, for example, if you want your WordPress website to show a list of and give your site’s visitors a link your various social media profiles, then you can install a plugin that will give you that ability. Set it up and you’re good to go!

Or, let’s say if you want to connect your WordPress website with a Google Analytics account so you can track the number of visits that your website racks up (very recommended), then you can do so by simply installing a plugin.

And, lets say, you want to add SEO keywords to your website, (also very recommended), you can do that via a plugin.

Click here to see how you can go about installing a WordPress Plugin on your website.

WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes make your life easier when you want to change to look and feel of your website. Just change your theme, tweak it up (if required) and you’ll be good to go!

There are a number of free and paid themes available in the market. And more often than not, the free themes are often a perfect fit for what you’re looking for!

Click here to learn a little bit more about WordPress Themes and how you can go about searching for, and install a new theme on your WordPress website.

Have Fun!

Now that you’ve set up your WordPress website, added your pages and tweaked it to your heart’s content, you can start showing it off to your friends and family, share it across your social networking websites – and get the word out there! Go ahead, have fun with your website!

(26 June 2013)

Madhavi spends her time writing web content and helping people make websites. She regularly blogs and shares her thoughts about web writing and WordPress. She also explores her ardent fascination with myths and symbols via the Tarot cards on her blog

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