Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Website – II


Websites have a purpose – they are there to give out information to the readers. And if you have a website, it makes sense to track the kinds of visitors your website is attracting.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics does a fantastic job of tracking the number of visitors of your website, and so much more. Here’s a very brief list of what you can track about your website’s visitors using Google Analytics:

⁃       Number of visitors on your site every single day
⁃       Location (a country-wise break up)
⁃       Web Browsers used
⁃       Computer Operating System used (including mobile visitors)
⁃       Keywords used in Google Search which led them to your website
⁃       Pages that hold your website’s visitor’s interest
⁃       Pages that don’t hold your website’s visitor’s interest
⁃       How long your website’s visitor browsed around on your website

If you are looking for an exhaustive list of features and benefits of a Google Analytics account, then just click here to read about it.

Setting up a Google Analytics Account is free and simple. All you need is a Google Account, which is also free. And best of all, if you have several different websites, you can use the same Google Analytics account to track the numbers for these websites! Check out this video on YouTube to learn how you can set up a Google Analytics Account for your website.

Google Analytics for your WordPress Website : Google Analyticator Plugin

If you want to track your Google Analytics numbers right from the admin dashboard of your WordPress website, then Google Analyticator is the plugin for you. Once you’ve set it up and given the plugin the necessary permissions to capture your analytics data, you can activate the dashboard widget. So every time you log into the admin panel of your WordPress website, you will see a quick view of your Google Analytics numbers right away.

Setting up the Google Analyticator Plugin might look a bit complicated for beginners, but here’s a YouTube video that will show you exactly how to go about setting it up and using the Google Analyticator Plugin on your WordPress website.

Apart from the widget in your admin panel dashboard, the Google Analyticator plugin also gives you sidebar widget, which you can configure to show the number of visitors your site got for a particular duration of time.

Another great feature of this plugin is for those among you who offer downloads from your website. The Google Analyticator plugin can be configured to track the number of downloads that were made from your website as well. This can be quite useful, especially if you are offering any free e-books or PDF downloads on your website.

Naturally, all of these features can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Visit the Google Analyticator Plugin page on WordPress’ site to learn more detailed information about this awesome plugin, and to see screenshots etc.

And Finally…

With all this data at your fingertips, you can easily customize the content of your website’s pages and blog post so that it appeals to more and more of the people who visit your website. For example, if you see that you have more visitors to your website that use the Mozilla Firefox web browser rather than IE, you can test how your site will look like in that browser before you go ahead and publish your articles on it. Of course, this is just a simplistic example, but you get the drift, right? WordPress looks great on all browsers!

(24 July 2013)

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