Boost Your Pocket Money and Pension – A Winner’s Guide to But-to-Let Property Investment


This book was begun as a series of 10 articles which appeared in Alkrington Life, a local trade magazine, in 2013. (N.B. Parts 7 to 10 have yet to appear.)

When submitting the articles I made use of an alternative pen name, Harry R Hewitt, since my intention at the time was to take a writing sabbatical. The 10 articles themselves run to 10,000 words in all.

But the words kept right on coming.

Consequently, Boost Your Pocket Money and Pension – a Winner’s Guide to Buy-to-Let Property Investment is four times as long in book form and runs to something in excess of 40,000 words in all.

However, there is as yet no hard format version of the book. Instead it has been published as a Kindle electronic book. In order to find it simply log on to Amazon and enter the book’s details. Downloading the book to Kindle costs just £2.99 (in English currency, by way of example) But prior to ordering readers may care to delve a bit more deeply within the text by virtue of Amazon’s “Look Inside” facility which facilitates access to the first sections.

Now, I don’t know if it’s permissible to mention my electronic publisher. But PC-plonker that I am, I have found him so helpful – consistently patient and approachable, that I cannot resist. His name is Colin Timms, he lives in mid-Wales within sight of Cardigan Bay. Readers may care to contact him

By telephone Tel. 01974 272 539 or 044 1974 272 539 [International].

His website is

It would, I think, be remiss of me to publish details of the various costings here. What I can say, though, having dealt with Colin, is that:

a)     electronic publishing is a helluva lot cheaper than publishing in hard format;

b)     it is infinitely cheaper than mailing books around the globe. For instance, the price of my third published book title – Write It Self-Publish It Sell It, was £9.99, but to mail it around the world actually doubled that price on account of postal expenses and necessary insurance;

c)     with electronic publishing I was up and published in a week from start to finish.

Interested readers (or rather writers) should contact Colin Timms and ask him to e-mail attach his PUBLISHING GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS, 2013

Meanwhile, here’s the blurb for my book to be going on with . . .

Whilst serving a life sentence (as he came to regard it), working at a school from which escape had been denied to him, ‘My shed went,’ Bill Keeth says bluntly, ‘on the same day the Berlin Wall came down – 9 November, 1989. There was obviously something in the air!’

So Bill sacked the day job, never to return to it. Ever ambitious “to be somebody, to amount to something by way of reputation and in financial terms”, he turned his attention to the immediate need for an alternative income with which to support his family – in addition to boosting his pension fund, too.


He hit the ground, running.


‘Well, driving, at any rate,’ says Bill. ‘Taxis: black cabs; private hire. As a stop-gap. Then I got into market work, sales through small ads; share dealing, too. Stop-gaps all. Then around the turn of the new Millennium I happened to chance upon buy-to-let property investment, and I’ve never looked back.’


Twelve years on Bill Keeth’s portfolio of BTL investment properties now runs to double figures. ‘And within the pages of this book,’ he says, ‘I’ll talk you through all the BTL property investment strategies you’ll need to be aware of from start to finish.’


Assisted throughout by Bill’s unflinching guidance in the matter, in practically no time at all you will easily see your way to becoming a successful BTL property investor in your own right.


Here are some of the questions to which Boost Your Pocket Money and Pension provides definitive answers . . . What kind of BTL investment property should I buy? In which locations had I best buy it? What properties should I never consider buying? How much should I pay for a property? Where would I best raise the requisite finance? How much seed money will I require for my deposit and associated expenses? What kind of mortgage is preferable for the purposes of BTL? Whose professional services must I seek out? Will I need to be an active DIY enthusiast? How may I recruit workmen I can trust? How much money will I make? What will my BTL investment property be worth in 10 years time?


Bill Keeth tells it like it is, presenting his thesis forcefully, candidly and with humour aplenty. His inimitable button-holing narrative style, as between knowledgeable friends down the pub, will tempt you to read the book at one sitting. But best of all, if BTL property investment is something you’ve set your heart upon, you will be delighted to find that Boost Your Pocket Money and Pension is worth nothing less than its weight in gold.



‘Mancunian humour runs through all its pages like a seam of gold. Bill Keeth writes with warmth, acuity and wit. Don’t miss reading him’ Billy Hopkins, best-selling author of Our Kid, High Hopes, Kate’s Story, Going Places, Anything Goes, Tommy’s World, Big Mama

(21 August 2013)

Bill Keeth’s books, Every Street in Manchester, Manchester Kiss, Write It Self-Publish It Sell It, Four Years to Life, Boost Your Pocket Money & Pension – a Winner’s Guide to Buy-to-Let Property Investment. are available from Amazon and all good book shops. Bill can also be contacted via his website,

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