Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Website – III


A picture speaks a thousand words!

As a writer, you know you can always paint a picture with your words. But having an image or two or three on your website’s blog post or page will always add value to the content. Studies show that putting up relevant images within your content engages your site’s readers, and keeps them reading the important stuff you’ve written.

There are several ways you can manage the images you put up on your WordPress website. In fact, WordPress comes built-in with an awesome Media management tool. But what if you want to go beyond the functionalities offered by this tool? Well, we’ve got a plugin (or two) for that. 😉

So, without any further ado, lets look at the image management facilities that a WordPress website can have.

Built-In Media Manager

As mentioned before, WordPress comes built-in with a Media Manager tool. You can add images, audio files, PDF files, video files, what-have-you right from the editing interface of your blog using this media manager tool.

However, these uploads can be limited by the size of the media. You might not be able to upload something that is larger than 2MB for example.

Still this is a great tool for putting your images into your blog post or page. The built in media tool also offers the ability to crop and resize the image, put in a caption below the image and align the image to the left or right or the center of the content. You can also specify if you want a border, or just a bunch of white space around the image.

NextGen Gallery Plugin

The NextGen Gallery Plugin offers a lot of interesting features that take you a step or two beyond the functionality offered by WordPress’ built-in media tool.

With NextGen, you can add, delete, rearrange and sort images and their thumbnails into albums and galleries.

You can then choose to display either the entire gallery as a slideshow, or each image can be shown individually on your blog post or page. Of course, the slideshow comes in with its own feature set, including control over the speed of the transition of the slides / images, and the method of transition of the slides.

For those of you who would like to add a watermark to their images, NextGen offers that facility as well!

Click here to learn more about the various features of the NextGen Gallery Plugin.

Portfolio Slideshow Plugin

It might be that you want to have some of the main features of NextGen without all the gallery and album management involved.

For that, you have the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin!

This plugin allows you to upload and add images directly from the editing interface of your blog post or page, and you can create quick slideshows to include in your blog post! You can also specify the image size, reorder the images, add titles to your slides – right from that same editing interface of your blog post or page!

Click here to learn more about the various features of the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin.

And So…

Images are a very important aspect of your content because they ensure that you engage the attention of your readers. The more relevant and beautiful the images, the more attractive your blog post or page looks! And of course, that always adds to the beauty of your website as well!

While there are many ways to manage the images on your WordPress website, starting from the built-in media tool. But if that’s not enough, well, there’s always a plugin that can do the job for you!

(21 August 2013)

Madhavi spends her time writing web content and helping people make websites. She regularly blogs and shares her thoughts about web writing and WordPress. She also explores her ardent fascination with myths and symbols via the Tarot cards on her blog

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