A Study in Ingenious Perseverance


This article was prompted by an e-mail from a friend about a man who is dying of cancer. His name is John Kanzius who is a resident of Sanibel Island. He may have accidentally invented a machine in his garage that could become both a cure for cancer as well as solve the gasoline and energy crisis plaguing the U.S. Initially he was testing their external radio-wave generator to see if it could desalinate salt water… and they ended up being able to burn the water.

Kanzius did not have a medical background, not even a bachelor’s degree, but he knew radios. He had built and fixed them since he was a child, collecting transmitters, transceivers, antennas and amplifiers, earning an amateur radio operator license. He knew how to send radio wave signals around the world. If he could transmit them into cancer cells, he wondered, could he then direct the radio waves to destroy tumors, while leaving healthy cells intact?

When doctors told John Kanzius he had nine months to live, he quietly thanked God for his blessings and prepared to die. Then 58, he had lived a good life, with a loving wife, two successful adult daughters and a gratifying career. However, as he lay awake in bed one night in 2003, he staggered down a flight of stairs, grabbed some copper wires, boxes, antennas and Marianne’s pie pans, and began building a machine. For months, Kanzius tinkered, using the pie pans to create an electronic circuit, often waking Marianne with his clanging. By day, he sent her out with supply lists: mineral mixtures, metals, wires. He began tinkering with hot dogs, trying to use his broadcasting background to kill the cancerous cells. His machine basically makes cells act like antennae to pick up a signal and self-destruct. Unlike current cancer treatment, Kanzius’ machine does not use radiation, and unlike today’s radio-frequency treatments, it’s noninvasive.

He explained that his machine uses a solution filled with nanoparticles, which measure no more than one-billionth of a meter. Radio-waves will heat certain metals. Tiny bits of certain metal are injected into a cancer patient. Those nano-particals are attracted to the abnormalities of the cancer cells and ignore the healthy cells. The patient is then exposed to radio waves and only the bad cells heat up and die.

A test subject would be injected with either gold or carbon nanoparticles, which would make their way through the body and attach to the cancerous cells. The test subject would then enter the machine and receive a dose of radio frequency waves, theoretically heating and killing the cancerous cells in moments and leaving nearby cells untouched. Kanzius said he hopes to begin human testing with his machine within the next two years. He does not want to try and build up false hope, but he mentioned that there could be some major announcements coming from researchers in the coming months.

The radio waves excite the salt water causing it to burn and creating the perfect energy source. He used salt water from the Gulf of Mexico but also used tap water and added table salt to it. The potential uses are limitless… fuel for cars, creating electricity, heating homes… and all with a resource that is renewable. First, Kanzius showed how plain tap water wouldn’t create a flame. Then, Morton salt was added… heated up… and ignition. They’ve proved it can even work like a spark plug creating heat in a chamber by using a paper towel as a wick. If this is as successful as predicted, salt water could someday be used as a low-cost alternative fuel.

There is a saying that goes “necessity is the mother of invention” which truly fits Kanzius’ drive and dedication. Based on his story, let me pose the following questions:

  • When life presents difficult circumstances what happens to you?
  • Have you found that when going through a difficult period in you life other more important things can distract you from your pain?
  • Have you ever felt like giving up when somehow you muster the strength to go on?

As I researched this man’s life, perseverance and dedication, I was truly moved and hope that you, the reader, will be as well.

(2 October 2013)

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at www.charlesmbonasera.com.

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