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All blog posts aren’t created equal – some of them might turn out to be a lot longer than most. In such cases, it makes sense to break it up into several smaller blog posts. (Case in point – this series of articles about the ‘must-have plugins for your WordPress website’.)

While it is simple enough if you want to just publish those posts one after the other on your WordPress blog site. But what if you want a little bit more than that? What if, say, you want to put in the links for the posts before the one you are publishing, and the posts that come in after – and you don’t want to sit and put in all these links manually?

No reason to worry really, because it can be done with the Organize Series plugin for WordPress.

Organize Your Blog Post Series

The most basic functionality provided by the Organize Series plugin is that it allows you to set up a series icon and series description.

Another important feature is that it allows you to custom design your series table of contents. It helps of course, if you know some basics of html coding, but you can easily pick that up from the Internet. Or you could just go with the built-in look, which is good to begin with.

The plugin adds a little box in the editing screen. So if a post you are writing is for a certain series, then all you have to do is just check the series name and you are all set! No worries about organizing the order of the article in the series, or in the index of links. But of course, if you feel the need to re-arrange the order of the articles anyway, you can do so right from the ‘Edit Posts’ screen from with your WordPress admin interface.

Organize series also adds a widget which lets you display your series lists in your WordPress website’s sidebar. This way, your site’s readers can have an easy access to your various series articles right from the sidebar!

You can click here to learn more about the different features of the Organize Series plugin. Be sure to check out the ‘screenshots’ section to get a feel for the admin interface of this awesome plugin.

Organize your Blog Posts

Now that we’ve seen how we can organize blog posts in a series, what if I told you that there was an awesome plugin that would let you organize the publishing dates for all the blog posts you wanted to write in your blog? And what if I told you that this plugin let you do that in a simple to use calendar format?

If you are like me and want to look at the calendar and plan out your blog post publishing schedules beforehand, then you will love the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress! It gives you a very simple drag and drop interface for moving posts around your calendar. You can then come back and write your article and then it’ll go live on your site based on the publishing date you’ve set up. This plugin uses WordPress’ built-in feature of setting up a future publishing date for your blog posts.

You can click here to learn more about this plugin.

In Conclusion…

Organizing your series of blog posts, or even planning out your blog posts on a calendar page can be easy with the Organize Series and Editorial Calendar plugins respectively.

(2 October 2013)

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