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In our previous article we looked at the various options to consider while setting up an email based newsletter for your website. Now, if you have a WordPress website (which I hope you have set up by now!), you can easily integrate your email newsletter signup form into your website.

Email Newsletter Service Providers: Common Features on Offer

Before we check out the plugins, lets have a look at the typical features offered by pretty much all of the 3 main email newsletter service providers:

⁃       List Management – You can divide up your list members into sub-lists, if you are planning to manage different email newsletters catering to different topics.

⁃       Statistics – You can see how many people from your list open and read through the email, and how many of those click the various web links you’ve put into the content. You can also see how your list has grown and how many ‘shares’ you’ve received for your content across sites like FaceBook and Twitter.

⁃       Built-In Customizable Templates – You have a variety of customizable templates to choose from so you can design a newsletter that looks just the way you want it to. If you are conversant with html, then you can even upload your own designs.

⁃       RSS to EMail – This is the most useful feature offered by all of the email newsletter service providers. This feature converts your blog’s RSS feeds (this is a feed of all your blog’s updates) into emails on a periodic basis and sends the email newsletters out to your list of subscribers. [Click here to read more about RSS linked email newsletters.]

⁃       WordPress Plugins – Most of the good email newsletter service providers will make sure you have a plugin that will help you put up your subscribe form into your WordPress website’s sidebar. In fact, MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact, all have WordPress plugins that can help you do that.

Connecting Your Blog’s RSS Feed To Your EMail Newsletter

If you’ve gone through the link for my article about RSS linked email newsletters [here’s the link again], then you know that its pretty simple to set up the RSS feed of your blog. And once you’ve done that, it is fairly straightforward to plug that into your email newsletter setup. In fact, all of the good email newsletter service providers will usually ask you if you want to do that. Once you’ve plugged in your blog’s RSS feed into the setup process, you don’t have to worry much. You just set up the frequency with which you want the newsletter to go out, and the service takes care of the rest.

Connecting Your WordPress Website to Your EMail Newsletter Subscriber Form

Once you’ve signed up with the email newsletter service provider you prefer, all you have to do is follow their simple setup instructions. At the end of your journey, you will end up with a sign-up form. All of these sites will also give you an html code which you can just copy paste into your WordPress site’s sidebar with the text widget. But if you have a bunch of lists that you are managing, then you need something more. The WordPress plugin often helps you further customize the look of your form.

Putting that form into the sidebar helps you get subscribers for your email newsletter – having the form in the sidebar makes it easy for them to sign up for the newsletter. Pretty soon, you’ll have your website’s readers signing up for your email newsletter!

(13 November 2013)

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