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Websites are a great way to reach out to and keep in touch with your audience. If your website has a blog, then you can even keep your audience aware of all your latest goings-on.

While your blog will always remain a great focal point for your latest news and updates, there is another way that you can keep your audience engaged with your updates. There is a way to keep in touch with your site’s readers, especially if they may not be able to visit your website / blog regularly. With this method, you can reach out to them right in their email inbox.

Email Newsletters: A Great Way to Keep in Touch!

The method is really quite simple really: Set up an EMail based Newsletter. With an email based newsletter, you achieve a double benefit:

  1. Your audience is updated every time you post an update to your website / blog.
  2. Your audience gets their updates right in their inbox, so they can read your updates right in their email. [This really helps when some organizations block certain kinds of websites at the workplace.]

EMail Newsletter Options: Frequency

Once you decide to set up your email newsletter, you will have to decide the frequency with which you want to send it out.

In order to decide this you might want to consider how many updates you post to your website / blog every month, and of course, how many emails your audience would be comfortable receiving in their inbox.

The kind of stuff you put out on your blog also matters. If you are posting about some deals or offers which expire within a few days, it makes sense to send out an email newsletter more frequently.

But if you are posting information or updates that aren’t time sensitive, then you can figure out a frequency that is more comfortable for both you and your audience.

EMail Newsletter Options: Kinds of EMail Newsletters

The second thing you will have to decide is the kind of newsletter you want to send out.

The first kind of email newsletter involves you sitting down and deciding the content that goes into your newsletter. This can include additional content which isn’t published on your website / blog, for example.

The second kind of email newsletter is more automated – it picks up the links of your recent updates on your website’s blog and arranges them in the newsletter design.

EMail Newsletter Options: Design

Finally, you need to decide is the look and feel of your email newsletter. If you are fluent with html coding, you can sit down and figure it out yourself. But if you aren’t (and most of us fall into this category), then don’t fret – just scroll down to the next point.

EMail Newsletter Options: Service Providers

There are many sites that can help you set up your email newsletter. All of them are pretty easy to use, and can work with whatever options you have decided for your newsletter in terms of frequency and kind. All of them also have several templates that you can choose and customize to suit your specific branding scenario.

3 of the most popular email newsletter service provider websites are:

⁃       MailChimp
⁃       AWeber
⁃       Constant Contact

EMail Newsletters: Make Your Plans

Go ahead, make a list of what you would like to have in your email newsletters! And be sure to check out the websites linked above. This will help you figure out which service provider most suits your needs.

(30 October 2013)

Madhavi spends her time writing web content and helping people make websites. She regularly blogs and shares her thoughts about web writing and WordPress. She also explores her ardent fascination with myths and symbols via the Tarot cards on her blog

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