Outsourcing Violence


It was once quoted by Matthew 26:11, “The poor will always be with you …” While pondering that saying, I began wondering whether the substance of the quote might be applied to the concept of violence as well. From where the whole world seems to sit presently that might not be too far fetched an assumption. Violence is no longer focused only in the areas of the world where there may be political upheaval and wars being waged. It can be found anywhere: in the most peaceful of countries or the most ravaged. Violence has no boundaries and the devastation it incurs consumes both the innocent and the guilty as determined by those responsible for meting it out. Innocent children are too often found in the wake of violence along with their elders. Massacred bodies lying helplessly in paved streets with unclosed eyes, in the hills of rural areas, in movie houses and subway trains, in sports stadiums … the location makes no difference. All too often, the perpetrator of mass killings will kill him or her in a self-justified suicide pack that will afford them greater notoriety whether in this life or a life hereafter. On a daily basis.

However, what if violence could be outsourced? I realize that sounds ridiculous but let’s entertain that possibility nevertheless. Major corporate businesses outsource the labor to create their products all of the time. Today, there is no such thing as a country being self-reliant. Instead, living in a global world, the society within a given country is just part of a huge mix of different countries and cultures. By outsourcing, companies save billions of dollars moving the labor market from the country in which the company is located to one that can provide much cheaper labor in order to increase profitability. That’s called capitalism. That is the bottom line, making as huge a profit as possible despite the fact that outsourcing denies workers in the home country the opportunity to have jobs themselves. That’s called progress.

The root cause of violence is anger … anger that is repressed or held inside. The reason for the repression is that there is something in one’s life that is unable to be controlled. Indeed, whatever it is controls the person instead. Therefore, violence doesn’t have to be the end result of the action of a crazy, psychotic person or psychotic episode. No, it can also result from basically sane people whose lives are believed to be out of their control to the point where they just “break.” For instance, a parent whose child is being unmercifully bullied might commit an act of violence against the perpetrators in retribution for the suffering that the child experienced. A soldier who witnesses his buddy being tortured by the enemy might commit an act of violence on one of his own cohorts because of the pain involved.

The outsourcing of violence, simply and probably simplistically put, comes with the ability to “let go” of the repressed, self-destructive anger and replace it with a sense of awareness that rises above the need to react violently. In other words, outsourcing the anger would be the object of this process. Instead, there is a realization that the violence is not going to rectify or change what has happened. This, in turn, can result in examining other alternatives, alternatives that can bring about a more satisfactory outcome and one that, in fact, can change the course of whatever has occurred. In other words, we would be taking the feeling of having no control over what has happened and literally changing it by a more rational approach being taken that enables us to gain a true sense of control over our lives.

Doing so would not be easy to say the least. It would take a good deal of insight and discipline in order to achieve such a state of mind and action. However, it is not beyond the scope of reality. In effect, violence is what is beyond the scope of reality because the more violence that might take place in retribution for what may have occurred, the greater the need for even more and greater violence increases. It becomes a vicious circle to which there is no beginning or end. Violence begets violence! It goes from arithmetic to a geometric need that becomes insatiable to the point that there is no rationality anymore. Perhaps this is the process that ultimately becomes the true meaning of Armageddon in which we literally destroy ourselves.

(15 January 2014)

Both as a consultant and author, Charles Bonasera’s story-telling have motivated people to change patterns and resolve problems in their lives. All of his books contain valuable, practical lessons that people can easily apply to bettering and managing their lifestyles. He has also written a myriad of articles which can be found on his website at www.charlesmbonasera.com.

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