Create Your First Online Course Within 30 Days

by Rohi Shetty

“Version DONE is better than Version NONE.”

Have you considered creating an online course yet? And if not, why not?

Do you feel you need to have a well-established blog with a big audience and a large email list?

Perhaps you feel you need to be an expert and have to create huge amounts of content?

Or you feel you don’t have the technical knowledge to create an online course?

Or are you just afraid that you’ll invest a ton of time and money creating your course and no one will be interested?

These are all common fears but none of them are true.

Many freelance writers have created online courses as part of their online portfolio. These may be free 6-day email courses or expensive longer courses. Also, your courses need not necessarily have videos or audios. For example, Mridu Khullar’s courses are text only, though she has started adding videos to them.

Fortunately, you can get all the help you need to create your first online course within 30 days.

Check out this free video class—The 5 Phases of Growing Your Business with Online Courses by Abe Crystal, co-founder of Ruzuku. In it, he explains how to create a course from scratch and market it even if you are a complete newbie. It includes a free worksheet with tips on creating your first course and the next steps you need to take. (You’ll also have a chance to win some cool prizes.)

More importantly, Abe invites you to join his “30-Day Course Creation Challenge.” The challenge is simple: Complete your course in the next 30 days. This is a great opportunity to create your first online course.

Even though it’s free, the 30-Day Course Creation Challenge is comprehensive and includes the following lessons:

1.   Week 1 – Narrow Your Course Focus

Available on September 12, 2016

Your goals for Week 1
1 – Who are you really serving with your course?
2 – What problem do you solve?
3 – See into the future
4 – Case study of a real course
5 – Find your title in your outcome

2.   Week 2 – Invite People to Learn with You

Available on September 19, 2016

Your goals for Week 2
6 – Start a rough outline
7 – Free or paid?
8 – Write a personal invitation email
9 – Write social media posts
10 – Make the ask

3.   Week 3 – Content and Tech Setup

Available on September 26, 2016

Your goals for Week 3
11 – Write a rough draft of a lesson
12 – Revise your first lesson
13 – Create a second lesson
14 – Help learners take action
15 – Bring your course to life

4.   Week 4 – Cross the Finish Line

Available on October 3, 2016

Your goals for Week 4
16 – Set up a course schedule
17 – Make a list of people to invite
18 – Get the link to join your course
19 – Invite and follow up
20 – Celebrate!

5.   Bonus tips: Make your course even better

Available on October 10, 2016

  • Overview: Deepening your course design
  • Welcome your tribe
  • Prompt your participants to share
  • Get ready to run a live call
  • Case Study: Facilitating a learning community
  • Provide a wrap-up experience

Besides the lessons, the 30-day Challenge also includes weekly live Q&A sessions with Abe, access to a community of over 2000 fellow course creators and email support.

Though the challenge has already started, it’s not too late to join. You’ll get all the knowledge, tools, and support to help you create your first online course within 30 days. All you need is to invest your time, energy, and passion.

Action Steps:

  1. Watch the free introductory video by Abe Crystal The 5 Phases of Growing Your Business with Online Courses and download the worksheet.
  2. Join the Ruzuku 30-Day Course Creation Challenge, which includes:
  • Daily lessons and action steps plus weekly Q&A sessions
  • Accountability and goals
  • A supportive community of more than 2000 course creators sharing the challenge with you.
  1. Bonus: Check out Make the Leap Challenge by Colin Robertson, creator of The Science of Willpower Course.

(I’ve joined both these challenges and will keep you posted about my progress.)

Join the conversation:

Do you plan to join the 30-day Challenge?

Let us know in the comments below.

Rohi Shetty has published nine Kindle books and blogs about writing and digital publication at You can download all his books for free here.

(14 September 2016)

Rohi Shetty has published nine Kindle books and blogs about writing and digital publication at You can download all his books for free here.

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