UNITY by Constance Westwood

[Note from Editor: This story first appeared in CLARITY (15 May 2019). It’s published here with permission.]

No way can I say that I have gone through any hardships in life. How blessed I have been to have had wonderful parents who never grudged me anything; sisters who cared for their ‘baby’ in the family – even now; a loving and trusting relationship with so much care and respect. I have had a fantastic journey so far pursuing what I wanted in my materialistic life. Throughout, loving individuals showered me with so much devotion and often unrequited care.

Everything came ever so easily.

Growing up as a Catholic was all about going to mass every week and doing the rituals as expected. With the fear of Hell and Purgatory firmly planted by the nuns while growing up, I had vivid visons of life that was filled with fire and endless punishment. Yet, something was missing. I had so many questions about life, so many gnawing doubts about my faith, so many hopeless searches to quell this unsatisfied empty feeling within.

More so during these past ten years when I have tried to find peace within myself knowing that my soul needed nourishment and meaningful direction whilst on Earth. Funnily enough I turned to the Gurus of India for enlightenment who welcomed me with open arms, guiding me to seek the true nature of my soul.

A recent chance encounter with HH SwamiGuru and a meditative evening with the family at the 7C RealiZation Centre engulfed me with so much peace within. The ‘Retreat to Nature’ at Bandung from 3 to 5 May 2019 was a welcome enticement to be in His company, get more insights into my soul, spend more time with many new faces and really seek my true purpose on Earth.

When in Bandung, I immersed myself in all the different sessions with no qualms except for the experience at the waterfall. Many questions came to my thoughts, many messages went through my mind, some through HH SwamiGuru’s words, some through the many new friends I got to know, some through my own realisation, and funnily enough, through unexplained sights and smells.

Indeed, I have come to realise and admit that I tend to devote myself too much to others’ needs that I forget or neglect my own. Henceforth, a few new rules.

Rule No: 1 – Care for yourself even more, before you do for others. At the same time, I have a tendency of starting things with so much enthusiasm but not completing them properly.

Rule No: 2 – Stop being lazy, have the determination to start and finish with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Rule No: 3 – Don’t talk and not do. Like a true PR practitioner, am very clever to craft words with seemingly strong intentions BUT they all whisper and wither away like mists when confronted by warm winds!

Two words came to my mind when we were doing the Gratitude Session. First was ‘Determination’ as I seem to have the zeal BUT when it comes to putting it to practice, I procrastinate and flounder, finding excuses to delay things…there will always be another time, another hour, another day. No more of such laziness.

“Do it and shame the Devil,” as the Nuns used to tell us.

The second word ‘Unity’ flashed across my mind, and this is what I had shared with my team members. Being united with the Divine and having that infinite trust that he would help guide my footsteps and remaining time on Earth. Of which, I have come to realise that this is the best approach with the least of unnecessary worries and grandiose expectations, too.

So, during the next 21 odd days, it will be a time of much realisation.

In my own little way, I think I have started to see measurable changes wherein whatever I say or do, I try and complete it, no matter how much the physical body aches of all that walking up and down the hills of Mulberry Hill by The Lodge, not forgetting up and down the steep hills to the waterfall.

Let the journey take on a more defined and purposeful course, let the mind be determined and filled with good thoughts that translate into positive activities, let the intentions be true for the soul’s development, let the Divine be a significant part of my remaining journey on this Earth and Lifetime.

Thank you, HH SwamiGuru; thank you Aneeta; thank you to my family at 7C.

Om Shanti.

15 May 2019

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