Dear ChelseaBoo,

Do you remember that afternoon when we went to collect some papers from PJ, then to the cold rooms to get your meat dust, after which we went to the supermarket to grab a bag of cat litter, and then a quick stop at the KFC drive-thru to grab some nuggets? Before we finally headed home? I do. I remember glancing at you and thinking, ‘I cannot believe how much I love her.’

You almost didn’t come to live with me. Apparently, you were such an aggressive puppy from not having any company all day at home that when your previous human was trying to find you a new home, you kept getting sent back to him. I can understand. You are such a loving little thing that you were upset at not getting any attention. I would be too.

After three or four homes couldn’t handle you, I took you in. At that time, if you can remember, I already had Cuddles, Cleopatra, Carmelo and DeNiro. I wasn’t sure if bringing another pooch into the home was a good thing. Luckily for us both, I agreed to give it a try for one week. And it became forever.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were this tiny looking thing with big brown eyes that expressed a mixture of curiosity and wariness. You had a perpetual scowl. You looked like a little old man. I stared back and a name popped into my head – ChelseaBoo. Don’t ask me where or how I got that name. But you are one smart puppy. By the end of the day, you responded to it.

The first few weeks you were a very happy puppy. There was no sign of the aggression the other homes claimed you’d displayed. Then, something happened. You were not aggressive, my darling. What you did begin to display and still do until today is that dominant feisty behaviour that is a mini schnauzer’s primary characteristic. You became the boss. You also became my best friend, my companion, my cuddle buddy, my sun and moon, my heartbeat, and the love of my life.

Do you remember my birthday 2 years ago when we did our first Pawse For A Cause! At The Pound Bar? My favourite part of the night was when the DJ started playing all my favourite old skool tunes and I had too much to drink. I carried you in my arms onto the dance floor and for the next hour we danced together. You were so relaxed in my arms as I swayed and swirled away. You’re like the best dance partner ever! I still rather dance with you than anyone else.

I also love the way you like to sleep on my chest at night. I know you do it because you like to feel my heartbeat as you doze off. I, on the other hand, find great comfort in hearing you breathing softly as it lulls me to dreamland. And in the morning when we wake up, it’s usually with you by my side with my arms around you because somehow in the middle of the night, you will slowly ease your way down from the pillow and curl up close enough for me to instinctively pull you closer to cuddle.

I know you hate it when I go out without you. You’re always jumping up and down at my feet and running to the gate with me because you want to come with me. I hate it when I can’t take you, but I try my very best to these days. I especially enjoy our road trips to Ipoh. You are the best companion to travel with. You never say anything but I have the most fun just having you there. And whenever we go to The Pound Bar and someone wants to play with you or carry you, you allow them to but you never take your eyes off me. And if I disappear to go to the ladies for a few minutes, you start whining because you can’t see me. But you know I will never leave you.

You are always so polite whenever we go out, and you say “Hello” to everyone you meet with a series of cute little howls. We all know you are talking to us and we appreciate that you make the effort to speak with us on a closer human level.

It always fascinates me how you never get excited when you see other animals but go crazy when humans are around. But it would make sense though. In all the time I have spent with you, you have been more human than dog to me. It is so apparent in your behaviour when we are together. And you never ever cause trouble to me or anyone else by always being on your best behaviour.

But the most special thing about you, ChelseaBoo, are your eyes…

They are so big, so brown, so beautiful. But that’s not the thing that catches my attention. It’s the way you look at me. You know me. You watch me with concern when I am worried, comfort when I am sad, excitement when I am happy. Those eyes are filled with so much love I think you must be an angel. I often just sit eye to eye in front of you just so I can absorb all that love you show. And you never move away. You just stay there and watch me back. And you give me love. I can feel it. And it is the best thing in the world.

I want you to know that you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I have loved many of your kind my whole life, but you are something special. For you, I feel my heart grow bigger and beat louder. I love you with a love that I have never experienced before and I believe it is because you are different from anything that has ever entered my life. Even when I am not perfect you still look at me like I am. When I am feeling heartbroken or sad all you do is look at me and I don’t feel sad anymore. You are the best friend I ever had, the best companion, the best of all that is good in my life. You must be an angel. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but it must have been something I did right.

You are, without a doubt, the beat of my heart.


Seema Subash
(15 June 2020)

[Please contact Seema by phone at +6016 2363197 or send an email to Seema.alive@gmail.comn if you’d like to be involved in The ALIVE Project‘s sponsorship programme.]

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