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Our bi-weekly newsletter, Great StoryTelling Network, aims to give a voice to storytellers of the world.

The various storytelling resources are as follows:

A Word With You – Suneetha Balakrishnan shares her stories from Kerala, India.

Infosynthesis – Eric Okeke synthesizes stories and information to empower you to use storytelling to run your business or excel in your studies.

Stillness and Flow – Rohi Shetty shares stories about creative writing, writing for the web and meditation.

Stories and Bytes – Madhavi Ghare shares stories about writing a blog and writing for the web.

Story Asia- in this column, Aneeta Sundararaj shares stories that have anĀ Asian flavour to them.

That’s Life – Charles Bonasera shares stories that are both inspiring and motivational.

W I S P – Bill Keeth shares his ideas and stories, which mainly centre on the topic of self-publishing.

In addition, we welcome contribution from our readers(that’s you!) and this can be done in various ways:

We have hundreds of articles of storytelling and loads of them have been submitted by our readers. Submit Your Own Articles storytelling and Reviews
on the books you have read and we will post it on our site. You can send your emails to editor @

Blow Your Own Trumpet! is a speciality feature in this website – we seek out storytellers from all the world whom we then have an in depth interview with. You’d be surprised as to who these people are – they range from sociologists, tax consultants, motivational coaches, authors and so many more. If you would like to be interviewed, please send an email to editor @ and give me some information about yourself, your product and normal stuff.

Also, there are many links to resources like books, paying markets for storytellers.

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