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Suneetha Balakrishnan

Suneetha Balakrishnan

Suneetha is a writer by passion, profession and hobby. She writes fiction and poetry and journalistic features in her native tongue Malayalam as well as English, her adopted mater. She is an alumnus of the first season of the Sangam House International Residency for Writers in 2009. She was a featured poet at the Prakriti Foundation Chennai’s Poetry Festival in December 2010. Suneetha is also a bilingual translator and has published 3 books in translation. Her short stories and poetry have been included in various anthologies across the globe as also on literary websites like Muse India and publications like Indian Literature. She is at work at her first novel. Her email id is suneethabalakrishnan @ gmail.com

Read more of her writing at  http://suneethaspeaks.wordpress.com/

Story 1 – Evolving as a ‘Writer’
Story 2 – A Writer and a Residency: In quest of space!
Story 3 – Workshops and the Creative Writer
Story 4 – Literary Fests and the Writer
Story 5 – On Buying Books
Story 6 – PalFest- Engaging the Culture of Power with the Power of Culture
Story 7 – All about Writing Novels… and how fast…
Story 8 – Banned Books
Story 9 – In Memoriam: Prof. P.Lal of Writer’s Workshop, Kolkota
Story 10 – To Read or not to Read…and to write too.
Story 11 – Looking Like a Writer
Story 12 – Night Shift for Women
Story 13 – A Sign of Maturity
Story 14 – A Moral Dilemma
Story 15 – Remadevi, the story of a brave mother
Story 16 – Playing Cyber-detective!
Story 17 – What’s In A Name?
Story 18 – A Journey of Rediscovery
Story 19 – A Nobel Journey
Story 20 – A Celebration of Womanhood
Story 21 – Re-Reading Anne Frank – The Diary of Anne Frank
Story 22 – Did Your Ancestor Ever Go East?
Story 23 – Facebook Fetishes
Story 24 – Part 1 – A Season for Rejuvenation
Story 25 – Part 2 – The Preventive techniques
Story 26 – Part 3 – The Rejuvenating path
Story 27 – Part 4 – Therapeutic Ayurveda

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