Bill Keeth

Bill Keeth

Writing a long-binned first novel back in 1977, Bill Keeth went on to become a  founder member of a writers’ workshop at Manchester College of Building, where  his debut novel was actually begun as a short story.

‘Much more recently,’ he says, ‘I got a yen to develop that short story into a  full-length novel, whereupon it took me about eight months to do so, withManchester Kiss following soon  afterwards. And it was whilst unsuccessfully trawling the writers’ manuals with  a view to placing Every Street in  Manchester with a UK publisher or literary agent, I learned that best-selling Manchester writer Billy Hopkins (www.billysbooks.info)  had originally been constrained to self-publish his debut novel.

‘So it was with my forerunner’s advice in the matter that I successfully  self-published at long last, fulfilling my dream of foisting a work of fiction  upon an unsuspecting public.

‘“Don’t pay it back, pay it on,” says Lee Child’s macho hero, Jim  Reacher to a character he lends money to inNothing to Lose, pub. 2008. (In my humble opinion, the best Jim Reacher book yet.)

‘And I will be happy as Larry if, in paying on via this monthly column of mine, I go some way towards helping  even one aspiring writer amongst its readership to follow suit.

If you need to contact Bill, you can do so via his website, http://www.novelnovella.com

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Books Old and New Series

[Editor’s Note: This series forms part of the main WISP column but concentrates on Bill Keeth’s reviews of books he’s read and his ‘personal dissatisfaction with the way book reviews are handled in the press as a whole – that is to say, in a way which militates against the inclusion of self-published books.’]

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