Zodiac’s Children


Skye Thomas

Skye Thomas is the author of four books, almost 200 articles, a monthly horoscope, and the founder of Tomorrow’s Edge an Internet leader in inspiring leaps of faith.  Her articles can be found in magazines, newsletters, and websites all over the world.  She specializes in quieting the inner critic, breaking free from dysfunctional family dynamics, and making peace with the person you see staring back at you in the mirror.

When asked about her mission in life, Skye Thomas responds, “My favorite part of this job is working one-on-one with people to help them break out of situations that have them feeling stuck.  It doesn’t matter to me what path they choose, just so long as they don’t sit there stagnant and decaying on an emotional and spiritual level.  I just want them to take a bite out of life.  Find something meaningful and go do it.”

In this column, Skye shares with you stories from the 12 zodiac signs. In her words: It’s a parenting series… but it touches a lot of people deeply because they remember themselves as children and agree. 

The graphics below are created by Radu D.Moisoiu. He granted permission for the use of his graphics on this site.

zodiacschildren Aquarius’ Child
pisces Pisces’ Child
 aries Aries’ Child
 taurus Taurus’ Child
 gemini Gemini’s Child
 cancer Cancer’s Child
 leo Leo’s Child
 virgo Virgo’s Child
 libra Libra’s Child
 scorpio Scorpio’s Child
 sagittarius Sagittarius’ Child
 capricorn Capricorn’s Child

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