Be Yourself: Tips For Finding Your Own Writing Style

As a writer, you have to have some sort of individuality in order to stand out from the crowd. If you look at all of the successful authors, you’ll notice they all have their own distinctive writing style. Here are a few tips to help you find your own writing style.

Keep a journal and an ideas book.
Keeping a journal will allow you to write every day and give you a place to express yourself. Writing in a journal every day will help you find your own style as a result. You can use a number of techniques (stream of consciousness, question and answer, periodic reflection), in order to find the writing style that is perfect for you. In contrast, you can write down all ideas you have in your ideas book. If you take it with you wherever you go, you will soon fill it up. So whenever you need something good to write for an employer, you will have a ready bank of ideas there to tap into!

Experiment every chance you get.
Experiment with your writing style on a regular basis. Try abstract writing, short sentences, long and descriptive sentences, and anything else you may want to try. It is all good practice!

Look for ideas wherever you go.
There are ideas to be had anywhere and everywhere. Looking for ideas will help you to refine your style because every idea you have will provoke passion and interest, the two things you need in order to succeed. They will also help you to find who you are as a writer!

Talk to other writers.
Other writers have been there and done it so ask them questions about how they found their writing style, the exercises they did and what they do now to constantly improve. They will often be happy to help. Go to book signings and talks to hear what they have to say and chat to them! Get online and find message boards and online forums where writers are.

Enjoy writing.
You need passion and interest to find your writing style. As a result, you have to enjoy writing to make the most of it! The day you start disliking writing is the day to get out of the business.

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