Website MakeoverIn my eBook, Website Makeover, I have referred to the resources listed below. I have been using them all to help create, develop and manage this site. In the spirit of material disclosure, some of the links below are affiliate/referral links. I know you will find these resources useful and I wish you good luck with creating your website.


No. Description Link
1. The IMC manual (now known as Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Online). This resource gave me expert advice, tools and online training to help created IMC Manual (now known as ‘Step-by-Step Guide to Online Selling’).
2. – This is the webhosting company I use for this site. It is also where the domain is registered.
3. – This is the company I turned to when I needed graphics for my eBooks (like Website Makeover), the banner for this site and the cover design for my books (like Ladoo Dog).
4. YMLP – this is the service I use to send out our newsletter, Great Storytelling Network. Your Mailing List Provider
5. PayPal – I send and receive money online using PayPal. PayPal.
6. 2CheckOut – When I can’t use PayPal, I turn to 2CheckOut. 2 CheckOut.
7. I use this resource to figure out who links to and other useful data.
8. AdWords helps me understand what keywords to use for this site. AdWords.


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