If you want to write faster, better and consistently, you need to develop and follow a writing system. Using such a writing system will help you to become a pro writer, who can create high-quality content quickly and on demand.

One of the most effective ways to boost your writing speed is to stop revising while you are writing. Here are three more ways to enable you to work fast and improve the quality of your content at the same time:

  • Focus On a Single Project Until You Finish It

Most writers (including me) are guilty of working on too many projects at the same time resulting in scattered focus, fatigue, and frustration.

Usually this results in your computer hard drive becoming the impromptu graveyard for all your incomplete projects.

Instead, if you work on one project at a time,

  • you will be able to focus your full attention on it resulting in a high-quality product
  • you will be able to complete the project quickly
  • you will gain the confidence and satisfaction of finishing the product
  • you will be able to sell or give away the product, which will improve the prospects of your next product.

So if you are working on a book, keep working on it until you finish it and publish it. Don’t start another book before you have finished the present one. This will enable you to reap all the benefits of your first book while you are working on your next book.

  • Create Rituals That Prime You to Write

This is one of my favorite ways to boost productivity. Create a pre-writing ritual to focus yourself before you write and create the right mindset and attitude. Different writers do it in different ways.


Some writers such as James Chartrand prefer to have a quiet cup of coffee before they start writing. You may chose to think about your writing project and what you are going to write in the next session. Or you may meditate for a few minutes so that you gain mental calm, clarity and insight. Choose what works for you and use it to prepare your mind to write.

  • Set A Time Limit

Remember Parkinson’s Law? “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

You are sure to have experienced this for yourself because writers are notoriously vulnerable to procrastination and distractions. Give yourself a day to complete an hour-long writing project and you will find a way to stretch that task so as to occupy the entire day.

However, you can reverse Parkinson’s Law to enable you to write faster—”Work contracts to fill the time available for its completion.” To do this, give yourself half the time that you would ordinarily give for a writing task.

For example, if your present writing speed is 1000 words per hour, set yourself the goal of writing 1000 words in 30 minutes. Set your timer or cell phone for 30 minutes and do your best to write for 30 minutes without stopping. This is a terrific way to become a more prolific and productive writer.

When you use these methods and write fast, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of your work automagically improves.

What methods and tools do you use to boost your writing speed?

Let us know in the comments below.

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(18 June 2014)

Rohi Shetty is a freelance writer who riffs about the importance of humor, mindful mojo, and creative entrepreneurship at http://rohishetty.com. He is also a star student of Danny Iny’s Audience Business Masterclass. You can connect with him on Twitter at @rohishetty.

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