Winning Stories for Great Story Competition 1

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The theme for Great Story Competition 1 was 'Near Death Experience'. 


1st Prize
Grave Concerns by Richard Paul Flamank

Judges’ Comments: Great title. Reminded me of Lincoln in the Bardo a little. Enjoyed the concept especially since I have always wondered about one’s immediate demise – what actually happens and if the ‘dead’ can still process thoughts / feelings etc. I got ‘spirit’ed away, especially when ‘her voice …. turned into a wail’ Loved the revelation at the end!

2nd Prize
Lilith by Alethea Anjali Ooi

Judges’ Comments: A gentle tense story that reads like a period drama with all of the nuances and complications of family relationships that exist everywhere. Wish I could just hug Lilith. Interestingly, one does not hate her father. Much pathos. It feeds into the ‘incompleteness’ of a Near Death Experience. I like very much the way haemophilia was inserted into this story. That going in and out of consciousness was felt.

3rd Prize
Mirrors by Zary Fekete

Judges’ Comments: Loved this. All the elements of a short story blended in well. Very American, the AA, Salvation Army, etc Family issues, alcohol addiction, job struggles, delivery to a messy place (good description), humanity at work (buying the food, etc). It was great to journey with Nick in this narrative.


Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mention #1
Finale Postponed by Annie Ooi

Judges’ Comments: A lovely story of what I imagine as feelings and thoughts when close to death or in a state of 'unconsciousness'. Liked the last line. ‘Only time will tell’.




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