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Top Ten Ways To Prepare for Your Online Book Marketing Success Featured

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Top Ten Ways To Prepare for Your Online Book Marketing Success

Still marketing your book through press releases, networking groups, and talks to groups? If these methods have taken a great deal of effort and time and brought you only a few clients or product sales, you may now be ready for your virtual marketing machine, the Internet! To get ready to market your book Online use these ten tips:


1. Buy an up-to-date computer with a 56k modem or more and Internet capability.


2. Open an email account. Bypass the freebies, because you need an email account from which you can send an attachment. You want to look professional. For you email address, don't use confusing letters and numbers. Use your name plus business keyword such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Since dial up connections are so slow, consider getting DSL or cable high-speed Internet. Before you buy, ask about limitations on sending group email (no-spam, of course).


3. Educate yourself about email, the Internet, and your own computer program. Take a community college or adult school computer and Internet program at low cost or free. You'll notice many others like yourself there, eager to learn. More advanced students will help you each step of the way.


4. Hire a one-on-one low-cost computer/internet coach, who can give you individual lessons if you don't want to attend seminars. They can help you proceed successfully with your e-commerce. Call your local high schools, computer schools or colleges for computer-savvy students who will be happy to receive $8-10 an hour.

Connect with teachers, career centers, or student centers to start the ball rolling. Tell them you want an assistant. Make an ad that lists the capabilities you need. Be sure to follow up because schools are less business oriented and may not call you back.


5. Hire a computer assistant; because you are not only a coach, speaker or author, you are a business! These assistants can make you look like a large business.

Make them part of your virtual marketing machine at a low cost. Use your assistant as much as you want to expand your success. You will look like a successful professional by adding new part-time staff. Start with 6-9 hours a week, and watch your clients and product sales grow! Your coach is approached by many big businesses wondering how she got to be #1 in Google and 35 other search engines. In December 2004 she is listed on 13,100 Web sites with a URL back to her site. This number increases every week by 500.


6. Offer more than just one product to your potential buyers. Part of the plan is to allow automatic, ongoing sells for your lifetime, either on your Web site or other seller sites. If you plan to write a book, write a short one first. Then, expand as you can. Publishing a short book is savvy business because you start making money right away to fund your other projects. Divide and conquer. Think of chapter excerpts, articles, tips, or how-to lists you can email free to prospective buyers.

Incorporate your action plan to sell other products that relate to your book. Submit informational pieces to ePublishers and top Web masters so that your word gets out to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people daily on the net. This untapped eager-to-buy audience awaits your service and product. For more information on this, contact your book and Internet promotion coach.


7. Include your five-to-eight line signature at the end of every email you send. Include your name, email address, Web site address and local and 800 number. Include your business practice, number one benefit, and be sure to offer a free special report or ezine so you can collect those email addresses for future promotions. Include your email and web site hyperlinks to make it easy for your client to click through to where you are selling your products or service. Separate each email's end and signature with graphics such as ==== or #####.


8. Promote your book through writing short articles to submit to opt-in ezines. Use a search engine to find Web site ezines in your category or genre or send directly to the ezines. Your article must be compelling, concise and useful, so take care and edit it until it shines. Most editors and publishers want articles from 500-800 words.

These people want and need your free information for their ezines web sites. They publish with your Signature Box at the bottom. Web sites publish your URL.


9. Submit your articles to top Web sites to multiply sales. To market your books, boost your Web site popularity to the top ten through the search engines by submitting how-to articles to sites with your category. Top site ezines get from 15,000 to 500,000 readers daily. These sites need your daily content, and they will pay you handsomely by including your key words that help your search engine position. When you submit your articles, the site also includes your URL in a hyperlink straight to your Web site or where ever you sell your products or service. .


10. Create your own inexpensive book Web site. Coaches, speakers, and other small business people can catapult their business with a short print or eBook. While it's possible to sell books on other publishers' or book sellers' sites, you need to eventually develop your own site. Authors without a site are like business people without email. Make your home page sizzle with dazzling ad copy, headlines, and a sales letter. You will sell books and make your coaching practice a household word.


Be willing to do what it takes, such as hire an Internet or book coach, to get Online savvy because this wonderful marketing machine is there for you and your boosted, consistent business success.

Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Author of 10 eBooks including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, Ten Non-Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online, The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic, and Power Writing for Web Sites That Sell, she offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The BookCoach Says...," "Business Tip of the Month," and blog Q & A at and over 170 free articles. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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